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Last night was the start of our summer. After our last final exams, we went out to our friend’s house to celebrate the end of the school year and two of our friends’ birthdays. We had all the night to ourselves with all the swimming and eating and drinking. Last night was the start of something new and something old at the same time. It’s really heartwarming to have friends that you could count on even through rough times and, of course, the craziest of times. 

We organized a surprise for our friends last night with all the balloons and customized cupcakes. It was really fun since we always plan surprises on everyone’s birthdays and all the celebration we had to do. We had the party after the end of the school year since we couldn’t have it this coming Holy Week. I really had the time of my life last night even though I was a little bit uncomfortable when I went home cos I probably drank too much but it’s cool. We are planning something amazing this summer and I’m looking forward to it. :-)

I’m not sure if I want to write a post about my non-existent-but-still-complicated love life so I guess I’ll just leave this on here so you guys know the gist of it. The only thing that I want to say about it is that..

I realized that I don’t really need a special someone to make me happy because I am happier now on my own.

This is just one of the few photos I had during a modelling stint last October of 2012. It was such an honor to model the pieces that held the obvious effort of the designer. Richard Strandz and his team are very well known in Pampanga for their glamorous participations in fashion events as well as their salon which is located near McDonald’s AUF.

HMUA, Designer, Produced and Captured by: Richard Strandz


I am currently unequipped with weapons that compliment my text posts that is why I am unable to produce new content for my blog. It’s frustrating to love a certain thing but you are not anymore capable of professing it. Funny thing is that even if I do find the time to sneak my camera out, I wouldn’t be able to have the time to use it because of my studies. Ah, hobbies, so tempting to practice but not an ample time to put into actions. I will find time to capture photographs again. For the mean time, please, bare with my expressing of thoughts through literacy. 


Dear August,

Please don’t ruin my birthday-slash-anniversary month. The day hasn’t even officially started for me and yet, I feel so stressed because of the mountains of school works I have on my hands at the moment. I am turning a year older and by the time the calendar day hits on the 24th, I will renounce my becoming a sweet sixteen and accept the challenges of finally being one step closer to turning legal. Yes, for those of you who are unaware of my age, I am rather young.

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I am not in such business of denying myself the simple pleasures of being able to love someone and loving them ever so dearly. Although I am in no way, shape or form of predicting that the butterflies in my stomach will remain as they are, that the sparkles in my eyes will eventually lose their shine, that he will be the only one in a myriad of beings equally desperate of finding someone worth it, that the happiest of days will be replaced to dreadful nights of disagreement, and that the immense feeling of love which is bursting through the seams of my heart will never run dry, I am not about to forth from such challenges without putting up a fair fight and a great one, at that.

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It has been a long time since I was pressured to write an article on time. A long time since I tried to finish a book that seemed more like a compilation of my frustrations in life rather than one of which you could really get attached to. A long time since I was editor-in-chief of the school’s paper and even though it was a dream come true, it wasn’t what I expected at all. It wasn’t as fulfilling as being one of those people who did what they wanted to do and wrote what they felt at any given time and situation. I guess, being put to positions and gaining titles would be a story that could hit anyone’s headlines if it were they. I guess, it was a fulfillment of some sort but I never felt it that way.

Whenever people see my works, they get astonished to the point that most people wouldn’t believe that I made them. They would ask me if I had a background in writing more than the usual freelance writers and if I’d say yes, they would eventually think that it was where I got it from. It’s sad to think that most people base everything purely on professional experience and not just by your nature of doing something you’re good at. But I guess, it’s better to have this passion for writing be discovered on it’s own since I’m barely doing it nowadays and I’m thinking that it’s one of the major reasons why I won’t join the school’s paper this year. I’d love to, really, and being in it is a dream come true for the second time around but I have been feeling rather uninspired and I’m sure it has been evident in a few of my recent posts. I guess, people change.

There have been an awful lot of guessing in this post more than it should have so I’m ending it here. 

Prim and Proper
Never, in a million years, would I forget the nerve-wrecking, mind boggling, leg shaking, feet swelling, jaw cramping and heart stopping feeling of being in a pageant that it would almost feel so surreal being in it. I have been oblivious to the world of beauty queens and princesses because I chose to live a simple life; not having to exhaust myself with constant insecurities and treatments as to what my body lacks. I have been only involved in so little events like these that I almost always regret having the decision of engaging to it, in the first place. If you’re thinking that I abhor events that promote the essence of being a woman or the people engaging in the said events, then I’d have to prove you wrong. You see, I’m not a vain person nor will I ever be. I like watching pageants and seeing beautiful people but I guess, that’s all there is to it. Even if the pageant above wasn’t really that of a real one, I salute all the beautiful people who makes a passion out of it! It was a truly tiring but, at the same time, fulfilling event that I will never choose to forget!


Attending Saturday classes teaching this sweet kid could possibly be my stress reliever for the whole semester! I was fortunate enough to meet my student last Saturday in our very first immersion. I was even more fortunate to know that he is very sweet and cooperative, much like the student I prayed to have!

Empty Halls

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been going straight to the hospital after school to visit my rather sickly older brother who was unfortunate enough to obtain the dengue virus. I paved the harsh rain, went home late at night in a rather lifeless state and most of all, sacrificed going home early to manage my school works. Thankfully, all of the costly hospital paraphernalia and of course, my parents’ and cousins’ efforts to make sure they visit him up until (and sometimes) beyond the visiting hours to cater his every need was effective enough to have him out of the hospital earlier today. Although we can only be too sure that he is, indeed, healthy enough to get back to his old life, we are thankful that nothing severe has happened throughout the process of healing. I hope that this serves as an eye-opener for him to take good care of his health and go to safer places.

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