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It has been a long time since I was pressured to write an article on time. A long time since I tried to finish a book that seemed more like a compilation of my frustrations in life rather than one of which you could really get attached to. A long time since I was editor-in-chief of the school’s paper and even though it was a dream come true, it wasn’t what I expected at all. It wasn’t as fulfilling as being one of those people who did what they wanted to do and wrote what they felt at any given time and situation. I guess, being put to positions and gaining titles would be a story that could hit anyone’s headlines if it were they. I guess, it was a fulfillment of some sort but I never felt it that way.

Whenever people see my works, they get astonished to the point that most people wouldn’t believe that I made them. They would ask me if I had a background in writing more than the usual freelance writers and if I’d say yes, they would eventually think that it was where I got it from. It’s sad to think that most people base everything purely on professional experience and not just by your nature of doing something you’re good at. But I guess, it’s better to have this passion for writing be discovered on it’s own since I’m barely doing it nowadays and I’m thinking that it’s one of the major reasons why I won’t join the school’s paper this year. I’d love to, really, and being in it is a dream come true for the second time around but I have been feeling rather uninspired and I’m sure it has been evident in a few of my recent posts. I guess, people change.

There have been an awful lot of guessing in this post more than it should have so I’m ending it here. 

Of old friends and reminiscent photographs

That seemingly unproductive practice you had at a public place, a mall that had a park-like area where people could easily watch you as every bit of your body is forced to remember all the crummy dance moves you’d hope to forget at the end of the performance. 

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Failure is the next best thing to success

Even though I didn’t have the slightest bit of enthusiasm in making these, I’m proud of myself for failing. Why? It means that, even after all the odds and criticisms that I could possibly obtain from this, I was brave enough to give it a shot. It is all the more fun when I do it again because I’m aware of the mistakes I made and might eventually lead me to success.

So, when you fail, be proud of yourself. Be proud, because you were brave.


please ignore my attempt in post-processing. 


Finally had the time to go through some photos of talented P&S photographers. Seriously though, the photos are really wonderful and it gives me chills knowing that the cameras used weren’t high-end ones at all. ClickersPH is a wonderful encouragement for aspiring photographers to pursue their passion for photography even without the help of professional gears. After all, that’s all we ever needed, a camera and the passion to make it all worth while. 

Anyway, hello fellow Clickers! :)

I don’t want to be selfish. I actually hate being selfish. But your actions make me want to throw you off a cliff and just be gone forever.


While there are hammers in my head…

I keep thinking of weird places I want to go to.. I would really want to go to some place quiet. If only the beach were just a few miles away! I don’t know why.. I just want to shun people and disconnect myself from everything else. Who knows what I might do at those times but I’m really hoping someone could take me to the places I want to go to. Or better yet, I’ll take myself there and just let myself crumble for a moment or two.. If only I wasn’t so scared to be alone.

But I am now, right? I’m all alone. I have no one to express my emotions to and take care of me when I’m sick and be worried when I’m not home on time. I have no friends. It’s weird how I have none but still manage to have a few haters here and there. Oh well.

Take me to the beach, yes? Or on top of a mountain where I can see a better view of everything else.. anywhere but here.

I write because no one listens to me when I speak..

…and the most annoying part is, people make use of the things I write and turn it against me. People should learn to limit their habit of sticking their nose out to other people’s businesses. I admit that every word that’s left out for me doesn’t go away that fast. In fact, they tend to linger longer than expected.

I know this phrase has been said a lot of times already but I hope people try to understand it. À chacun son goût, to each his own, there’s no accounting for taste. In other terms, they acknowledge that not everyone thinks the same way or like the same things, that we must tolerate diversity

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